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Effective July 1, 2007, all public meetings in New York State must be webcast. The Suffolk REMSCO and REMAC are in the process of finalizing the technical and operational details that would allow compliance with the Governor's directive.    Read more here>> 
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Welcome to EMS Long Island.  We're looking for someone in the EMS community to moderate this website. If you are active in the Long Island, New York Emergency services community and want to have a forum to post information and interact with other EMS members This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it to talk about opportunities to moderate this site and GET INVOLVED!

Advertising for EMS Long Island is provided by Slightly Mad  - a very different kind of marketing partner.


Welcome to EMS Long Island!

If you participate (either paid or volunteer) in the Emergency Services on Long Island - this is the place for you!

Our mission is to provide a place on the web for EMS providers to exchange information relating to the thing they do best - saving lives every day!  If you are working or volunteering at a Firehouse, Ambulance Corps or any other provider of Emergency Medical Care - this is your community. 

We've got some great features that will enable you to;

  • Profile; Post your picture - bio, stats or any information about yourself.
  • Calendar: Here you can post information about upcoming classes or events that are important for other Long Island EMS professionals.
  • News: Read about the issues important to you in the EMS community on Long Island.
  • Street Writers: Be one of our Street Writers and post news stories, wirte articles and talk about recent events and important issues concerning the EMS community.
  • A Forum - for anyone to post and discuss things that are important to you!

Plus much more - and we are adding new features regularly.  Welcome to the site, the ONLY place where you can get the information YOU NEED about EMS services on Long Island.



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